"STUNNING...This gorgeous production is one of the most technologically sophisticated theatre experiences one could imagine, if one could imagine it....Magnificently constructed, this is the show that might have come from the brilliant minds of the two principals...The entire experience is a feast for the eyes and ears" - nytheatre.com

Winner, STAGE Award for New Plays about Science and Technology
Nominated for the American Theater Wing's Henry Hewes Design Award for Notable Effects


a dark comedy based on the remarkable collaboration in 1940 between Hollywood glamour girl Hedy Lamarr and "bad boy" composer George Antheil on a secret communication system

Written & Directed by Elyse Singer
Production and Multimedia Design by Elaine J. McCarthy

Production photos copyright Dixie Sheridan
Erica Newhouse as Hedy Lamarr, Joseph Urla as George Antheil.